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Catholic Primary

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Fine motor

Have a go at this letter 'c' formation sheet. Remember- start at the top of the shape. And don't take your pencil off until you have finished!

If you want to, you could have a go at making the letter 'c' on the playdoh mat. If you haven't got any playdoh, you can make some fairly easily- there are lots of recipes online. 

TIP: If you place the playdoh mat in a plastic wallet, you can use it again.


Today we are learning the digraph 'th'. For this sound you need to stick out your tongue!

Watch the video and have a go at 'say it, make it, write it'.

I have made some new coins for the buried treasure game smiley

Phonics video th.mp4

Still image for this video


Today we are finding out how to make 10, using a tens frame to help us.

Join the call and I will show you how to use a tens frame, then have a go at the work below.


What do you know about a T-Rex? Where can we find out information?

Watch the videos or look at the website links below.

Think about:

                  - How big were they?

                  - Where did they live?

                  - What did they eat?

                  - One other interesting fact
You could make a poster and ask your parents to help you write some facts, or make a video of yourself telling me the facts and send it to me!