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Eco club 2020 - 2021

Litter pick

Tree Faces

 You Grow They Grow Project 

African Charity Event


The whole school really enjoyed taking part in the "You Grow They Grow" project.  Each class was given a different vegetable seed and each child grew and nurtured their own plant. We then asked parents to donate £1.50 to take home their child's vegetable plant. 


Because of all your hard work and generous donations we were able to raise £230. A family in  Munsieville, Africa will now be able to construct their own heart garden and grow vegetables all year round. Some of our donation will also go to supporting doctors in the area and educating families on healthy living. 


Thank you for all your help/. 



Ware in Bloom 


Eco - club and Welly Wednesday children have really enjoyed learning about how to grow their own vegetables. Each class has taken part in creating our vegetable patch.  So far the lettuce, potatoes, onions and runner beans are growing very well. I have been really impressed with the children's dedication and their hard work watering their plants every day and their hard work has paid off as we achieved a GOLD in Ware in Bloom. 


I would also like to say a big thank you to Mr and Mrs Glanville and all our parent volunteers. It would not have been possible without your help.  



We are very lucky to have our own pond at Sacred Heart which is full of great learning opportunities. However Eco Club have decided that it needs to be revamped a little bit. This week we have cleaned one of the older benches ready to paint for next week. We are then planning on stencilling the bench with mini beast pictures. The bench will then be put in the pond area so that children can sit whilst they learn in there. We hope you like the colour.

Clean Air Day

Pond Area

Bug Hotel

Healthy Eating


We always teach the children at Sacred Heart that to learn and be healthy it is important we eat a balanced diet. KS1 were lucky this week to take part in a healthy eating workshop. The children learnt about a wide range of fruits and were encouraged to try ones they had never seen before. We were also able to make our own smoothies using Bicycles to power the blender. Some of us liked it more than others but we all were brave and tried it.


Eco - club are also trying to reduce the amount of food we waste at lunch time. This week we have been weighing the left overs for each class and hope to reduce it by the end of the week.