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Catholic Primary

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Fine motor

Have a go at this letter 'a' formation sheet. Remember not to take your pencil off until you have finished!

If you want to, you could have a go at making the letter 'a' on the playdoh mat. If you haven't got any playdoh, you can make some fairly easily- there are lots of recipes online. smiley

TIP: If you place the playdoh mat in a plastic wallet, you can use it again. 


In phonics today we will learn the 'ch' digraph. Can you think of any words with 'ch' in?

Look at the video, then have a go at the Buried Treasure game. (Parents- you don't have to print the game if you don't want to- you can draw it on paper and make your own words on post-its or scraps of paper!).

I have also set a 'say it, make it, write it' challenge. See the end of the video for what you have to do here smiley

TIP: if you have a plastic wallet- place the 'say it, make it, write it' sheet in there and write with a felt tip- then you can use it again. 

Phonics video ch.mp4

Still image for this video


In maths, we will spend this week looking as adding. 

TIP: In school, we find the best way of getting the children to really understand addition as a concept is by using real objects that they can move and touch!


Continuing with thinking about keeping our bodies healthy, we will be thinking today about why we need to wash our hands. Look at the powerpoint, then design a poster about washing your hards. Make your poster as bright as you can and send me a photo- I will print the best ones to put up on the wall at school!