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Fine Motor

We practise our fine motor skills every morning to help to develop our muscles in our hands and to get us ready for writing. 

Today there are 2 options to choose from. If you have Playdough at home, can you make the shapes of some of the letters we have learnt so far? If you would like to use them, I have saved some Playdough mats below. You could print off the letter you want to practise. Tip: put the sheet in a plastic wallet, then you can use it again!

Or, you could set up a 'Collection Station' and use your kitchen tongs or a pair of tweezers to pick things up and practise your pincer grip! See photo below for some examples.  

Alternatively, you could choose your own activity from the 'Fine motor skills at home' document on the Reception Remote Learning page. 


Today's new sound is 'o', like in 'off'. Can you think of any words with 'o'? Occasionally it is at the beginning of a word, but more often comes in the middle of a word, like in 'dog'.

Please watch today's video. Can you join in? Which sounds can you remember?
You can watch Geraldine the Giraffe again, then have a go at the 'o' sheet I below.

I have also created a game that you could play at home. Using the sheet below (the cards from yesterday), cut the sounds and pictures up individually. Mix them all up and place them on the floor, face down. Can you find the matching pairs?

Phonics video- o.mp4

Still image for this video

Physical activity

It's really important to keep active, even when you're at home. During this time you can do any activity you would like to at home- go for a walk, play in the garden, do some dancing at home... anything you like!

If you would like some ideas, have a look at the videos on the link below. 


This week we have been learning about patterns, and yesterday you had a go at making repeating patterns with objects at home. 

Today we will be focusing on creating repeating patterns with colours. If you have some spare veg, it is a fun idea to use them to do some printing to make a pattern, but if not then you can use just paints or felt tips instead!

Join the call later, then have a go at the activity below. 


This afternoon I would like you to create a self portrait- that is a picture of yourself! You can use whatever you would like to use to create your face- paint, pencils, felt tips, cut and stick collage, loose parts... I have even seen some people use fruit and veg!

Keep your self portrait (or if it is transient, then take a good photo) so we can make a display at school!