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Fine motor

Have a go at this letter 'c' formation sheet. Remember- start at the top of the shape. And don't take your pencil off until you have finished!

If you want to, you could have a go at making the letter 'c' on the playdoh mat. If you haven't got any playdoh, you can make some fairly easily- there are lots of recipes online. 

TIP: If you place the playdoh mat in a plastic wallet, you can use it again.


Today we are learning the digraph 'ng'- like in 'strong'.

This sound often comes at the end of a word- never at the beginning!

Watch the video and have a go at 'say it, make it, write it'. Then have a go at one of the games on phonics play smiley

Phonics video ng.mp4

Still image for this video


We are looking at different ways of making 10 again.

Please don't worry if you are finding this tricky! We will keep practising smiley


I have left below some links- one to a numberblocks episode where they show different ways of making 10, and one with a song about bonds to 10, and then some links to some games.


Some children might find it easier to match the Numicon to show bonds to 10- please see the video where I have explained Numicon smiley

Video explaining making 10 with numicon

Still image for this video

PE lesson- Dance or football