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Catholic Primary

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Growth Mindset

We want to create a ‘risk-free’ learning environment 

  • where students are willing to

          * Learn

          * Risk making mistakes

          * Push themselves

          * Take on challenge

  •  where teachers communicate confidence in all students’ ability to rise to the learning challenge
  • where students are able to effectively self-assess their own learning and effort.


How can we enact a growth mindset culture in our school? 

  • Ensure all stakeholders – staff, students, governors and parents – have the approach clearly explained
  • Change the language of feedback
  • Use growth mindset praise
  • Use formative comments only for assessments
  • Encourage children to feel confident to make mistakes

Please take a look at our presentation for parents.


Metacognition - Presentation for parents from Curriculum Evening

Final thought that applies to our children and to ourselves. We are all on the road. Imagine the road is full- some are further down it that others and that is OK because this isn’t a race. It isn’t about where you are compared to others- some will be very concerned with that and disengage because they aren’t as far down as someone else. Keep working and keep moving forward- the more you do that the easier the road becomes. By moving forward everyone improves.