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Phonics this week

This week we will be focusing on the trigraphs from phase 3- 'igh', 'ear', 'air' and 'ure'. We will play "wash the word" where we will write different words on the floor outside and take turns to read the words and scrub them out with a brush. 

Phonics games WC 15.6.20

This week we will play What’s the word Mr wolf and we have played jumping phonics. For this game we used hoops as a phoneme frame and flash cards to create words. At home you could use scraps of paper! We put one sound in each hoop, then jump and sound out the word. This week we are practising ‘qu’ ‘ee’ ‘igh’ and ‘oa’. 

Phonics game 10.06.20

Today’s phonics lesson is called “What’s the word Mr. Wolf?”

The wolf stands facing a wall. The other members of the group stand a distance behind the wolf. The wolf chooses a word from a pile and the other children ask “what’s the word Mr. Wolf?” and the wolf reads the word, such as ‘peg’. The other children segment the word and take a step closer to the wold with every sound, p-e-g.

Keep going until we reach the wolf or swap the wolf. 

Phonics game 9.06.20

Today we played a game with tricky words. We placed a tricky word in each hoop and threw a beanbag into a hoop. When it went through the hoop we said the word and scored a point. This could be done with different CVC words, too. You could hang the hoops outside, or if you don’t want to use hoops, you could just stick the words somewhere and use them as a target.