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We are your voice at Sacred Heart so please tell us what you would like your school to look like. Look at our pictures and talk to us at break times or write a message to us in your class agenda box. We share the ideas at meetings with Miss Smith and we do talk about everyone's ideas.

We hope to hear your fantastic ideas soon!

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Our Trip to Parliament - 14th November 2023

On Tuesday 14th November, School Council, and some voted-for winners went to the Houses of Parliament. First, we went to an Education Centre and watched a movie about the history of Parliament. We learnt that royals used to have power over Parliament but now they don’t. Then we went inside Parliament! We went to the House of Commons. Did you know you can watch their debates for free?! After that, we went to the House of Lords. Our tour guide said there are papers that show what they are debating on that day. When we were in the House of Commons, we needed to go out quickly because they were having a meeting. We talked a lot about when women did not get a vote, they would chain themselves to legs of a statue to protest. The Houses of Parliament trip was very informative. Our tour guide, Nathan, answered all our questions. He explained very well.

By Daisy and Emma Y5

Our Display Board in the Library


Council Meeting Minutes - We do these handwritten now, please check out the display board in the Library.

You asked for Chinese New Year activities...we delivered!


Virtual Visit to Parliament

On Wednesday 30th September, School Council ‘visited’ the Houses of Parliament through a Virtual Visit! We saw Westminster Hall, Central Lobby, and The Commons Chamber. We were interested by how all of the furniture in the House of Commons is green – even the curtains! Miss Smith was very impressed with the engagement of the councillors and the excellent questions they asked.  


Our Trip to the Houses of Parliament!

Our New Display!


Visit to the Houses of Parliament - 19th March 2019

On Tuesday 19th March 2019, School Council visited the Houses of Parliament. We were incredibly lucky and got to experience many different parts of a typical day in Westminster. A fantastic guide showed us around and we were able to ask a multitude of questions. We witnessed the Speaker entering the House of Commons and, when we waved to him, he personally welcomed us to Parliament! We also saw some of a debate about space travel in the gallery overlooking the House of Commons. A highlight of our trip was going in to the House of Lords and seeing the Robing Room (where the Queen gets ready). After our tour, we spoke with MP Mark Prisk. One of the most fantastic objects we saw was a stained glass window that celebrates a 100 years since some women were given the vote. As the tide in the Thames changes so do the colours in the artwork - see our photos for one of the changes. We also spent time in the Central Lobby and St Stephen’s Hall. School Council (plus Miss Smith and Mrs Fusi) were amazed at how much we learnt and enjoyed the day tremendously.

Visit to the Houses of Parliament - 20th March 2019

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19.05.2016 - Hertfordshire Lunch Menu Food Tasting

Summer 2016 School Councillors!

School Council Meeting Minutes

13.06.16 - Meeting Minutes - Meeting 7

23.05.2016 - Meeting Minutes - Meeting 6

04.05.2016 - Meeting Minutes - Meeting 5

29.02.2016 - Meeting Minutes - Meeting 4

01/02/2016 - Meeting Minutes - Meeting 3

18/01/2016 - Meeting Minutes - Meeting 2

11/01/2016 - Meeting Minutes - Meeting 1

2016 - A report from our Year 6 Councillors


Holocaust Memorial Day

by Joseph and Elena


On the 28th of January, the Yr6 school councillors (Joseph and Elena) went to the Holocaust memorial at Richard Hale with Mrs Fusi.

Holocaust was when the Nazis captured the Jews and took them to Concentration Camp to constantly work for them in a cruel way. There are sadly not many survivors around the world who have survived Holocaust. Here are some quotes from the people who have survived:

Lily Ebert: “Auschwitz was really a factory for killing and human beings used for fuel. I survived and promised myself, I will tell the world what happened”

Simone Arnold: “At school I was under more and more pressure to Heil Hitler. But I refused because in my heart I could never honour a man in this way as if he were a God who could save people. I was arrested at the age of 12.”

   In the memorial we were introduced to a survivor. His name is Harry Olmer, who told his life story from when he was young till he escaped the concentration camps. At the very end of the memorial we had a minute silence to remember all our brothers and sisters who died in the concentration camps.

This was a memorable opportunity for our community to understand how important it is to remember this sad part of History and work together to make sure something like this will never happen again.