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Year 1

Year 1 - 2021 - 2022

Welcome to our class page.  Here you will find lots of information on what Year 1 have been up to and what we are looking forward to! I will be updating the class page regularly so please make sure to check it. Year 1 have had a fantastic start to the new year and they have all impressed me with how quickly they have settled. It's lovely to see so many smiley faces in the morning. I'm looking forward to all the great learning ahead of us.

Mrs Dowd

Science Trip to Paradise Wildlife Park


All the children were fantastic today. Their behaviour was excellent. We all learned a lot about Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds and Fish. 

The park was very quiet so we were lucky to get very close to lots of the animals. 


Reading for Pleasure


This afternoon instead of a class story, we all chose a book from the class library and read it outside. We shared it with someone that we thought would like to read it after us. We then took it in turns to read out loud to the class and explained why we chose it.



This week we continued to develop our skill of  collaging. This week we looked at the art of Richard long and focused on overlapping pieces of materials to create circles. 


Science Morning 


In science this morning we used lots of cross curricular skills. We measured our hands and feet, collected data into a table and wrote up our results. We learned the meaning of the words data, measurement and prediction. We measured our hands and feet in groups to find out if the person with the longest hand also had the longest feet. The children noticed that this was only correct for one group and some children suggested that to really find out the patterns we would have to measure all the children's hands and feet in the school! On a very hot day we decided this would not be fun! The children also showed each other how many different body parts they could label. 


The children also thought of their own big questions that we could investigate. 

Here are some examples of their ideas. 

Does the oldest have the longest legs?

Does the oldest child run the fastest?

Does the oldest child have the biggest head?

Is the youngest child always the shortest child in the class?

Is the oldest child always the tallest child in the class?

Outside art lesson.

We collected natural materials and made a collage in the style of the work by Andy Goldsworthy.

The children learned how to overlap different objects and to group them by colour.

We focused on the use of lines and circles.

It was also a great lesson in working as a team.


First Swimming Session 


Year 1 had their first swimming lesson yesterday. It was a very successful first lesson. Many of the children were a little nervous before hand, but they were all very brave and went straight in! From their conversations and smiles this morning it looks like they all enjoyed it and had a great time.  I can't wait to hear how much they progress over the next half term. 

Well done Year 1



Geography We have been learning how to use a compass and give directions using North, South , East and West.

ART - We have been learning to mix secondary colours and then make them lighter using white. Today we created flowers in the style of Georgia O'keeffe

Design Technology: To make a moving lever mechanism.

Science investigation

Representing teen numbers (tens and ones)

Acting out the story of Guy Fawkes in History

Well done to everyone in year 1 for a great first week. We are all learning how to be 'aspirational Giraffes' and to challenge ourselves to do new things!