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Year 6

Year 6 - 2020-21


Welcome to the Year 6 page! Here you will find lots of useful information as well as examples of what Year 6 have been up to in school.

The Amazing Adventures of Superstan!

On Monday, 12th July we performed our end of year play to year five.  The whole class acted their socks off and everyone had a fantastic time!


Danbury Outdoors Activity Day



This afternoon in PE, year six played a game of rounders.  Both teams battled bravely against the wind and everyone had a great time.




Year 6 blew the cobwebs away this morning by playing a game of 'Jailbreak'.

Much fun was had by all!


Return to Year 6

We are all glad to be back in school together and to see each other in person!

This morning, we have been learning about ratio and made posters to show this.

This afternoon, we created our own versions of 'The Ickabog' by J K Rowling using charcoal and chalk.

16.12.20 - Christmas Lunch Day

We made and decorated hats to wear at our Christmas lunch. Then we went outside and had fun on the playground.

Battle of Britain Topic


The year 6 topic this half term has been learning about The Battle of Britain. Everyone has been busy making models of planes, air bases, shelters and compiling books/powerpoints.  Here is a selection of the fantastic work year 6 have completed.



Building Bridges


"Today we learnt about building bridges and how they are supported.  We made models using card and books.  Then we put weights and different objects to see how strong our bridges were."  James


"Today in class we did technology. We were making shapes and seeing what would be the strongest layout using different sized weights.  We had to put the weight on top or inside to see which was the strongest structure." Scarlett


"We did some testing on bridges to see how much a piece of paper could hold when folded.  The triangle turned out to be the strongest structure."  Liam

California Homework Project

Year 6 have been studying California in our Geography . We carried out our own homework project which was to make a diorama, poster or slideshow. We really enjoyed the unit and hope you like our work.