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Year 2

Year 2 - 2018 - 2019 

Welcome to Year 2


Year 2 have had a fantastic start to the new school year and I am really pleased with their learning so far. Thank you to all the parents who attended the curriculum evening it was great to meet you all and I hope you found it useful. If you were unable to make it the currculum letter and presentation is attached below.


Our first topic is ‘Explorers from around the world and beyond!" where we will learn about many historical and modern explorers that have made a significant impact around the world. We have already researched Christopher Columbus, Neil Armsrong, Tim Peake, Amelia Earheart and Bessi Coleman. We will also link this to our Geography lessons and learn how to locate the 7 continents.


This topic will be followed by Ware through the ages, India, Wriggle and Crawl and lastly Fire. We have lots of exciting things ahead!


If you have any questions or concerns then please feel free to come and speak to me after school or make an appointment through the homework diaries. I will also send messages home via Marvellous Me. We will also have a parents consultation before half term.


I am delighted to teach year 2 and know we have a brilliant year ahead.


Miss Watson






Year 2 have been creating their own Rangoli patterns. During Diwali, Hindus draw bright Rangoli patterns on the floor by the front door to encourage the goddess Lakshmi to enter their homes. Rangoli are traditionally drawn using rice grains, flour, sand or chalk - we opted for chalk!

Working with Clay and Print.

Working with Clay and Print. 1
Working with Clay and Print. 2
Working with Clay and Print. 3
We made our own print stamps out of clay.

Shape detectives!

Shape detectives!  1
Shape detectives!  2
Shape detectives!  3
Shape detectives!  4
Shape detectives!  5



This week year 2 have been learning about 2d shapes. The children worked in groups to create their own pentagon, hexagon, heptagon and Octogon. I was really pleased with how well the children worked together in their groups. Well done year 2. 

Seed investigation 

This week we have been learning how seeds disperse. At first we looked at lots of different seeds and discussed how their size and shape can give us clues as to how they are dispersed. We then acted out being a seed and dispersing away from the parent plant. Finally, in groups we then created our own big question to investigate how a sycamore seed disperses. This included Does the lightest seed disperse the furthest? Does the seed with the longest wing travel the furthest? The children then wrote their own method and prediction. I was very pleased that the children also decided on how to show their results themselves such as drawing the order in which they land, measuring the distance and writing it in a table and ordering photographs. We then worked on interpreting our results. Well done Year 2. 


 Emily " Our prediction was wrong but we have still learnt something. We also made mistakes when we made some of seeds so it might not have been a fair test."


Recount writing

This week we have been writing recounts about our half terms.  We looked closely at using adjectives, different sentence starters and conjunctions to make our sentences interesting. Here are some paragraphs showing great examples.


Last Sunday I walked to Hertford with my Mummy and Daddy. Along the way I picked up some shiny stones that were shining in the sun. I picked  up so many that I had to give some to my Mummy to carry. Along the way we went under the big, long A10 bridge and saw some graffiti. I was shocked that some one would do that!


My birthday was on Sunday and that's why it was my favourite day of the Holiday. Luckily my family took me to Smith's toy shop and brought me some new toys. I also received lots of presents even before we went. How lucky was I!


Friday started as a very boring day but it quickly changed. My dad picked me up and smiled "Mummy has a surprise." How sneaky he was!  I screamed so loudly that Daddy covered his ears.


On Wednesday I woke up scared. My tummy was full of butterflies. I didn't want to get up but I had to. I was going to the dentist and I couldn't be late for my appointment. I was dreading it!

Inside by Head Poem


This week year 2 have been trying to learn a poem off by heart and perform it with expression. We used actions to help us remember. We looked at the features of poetry and discussed the use of commas to make a list and alliteration and rhyme.


Here is a few examples below ....

Inside my head there's a tree

A cake, a cup, alight

A princess, a clock, a flying fairy

A house , a hill, A knight. 


Inside my head there's a haunted house

A goal, a ghost, a wizard

A cat, a witch, a swishing wand

A broom, a beetle a lizard.



       We Are Explorers!

To kick start their topic year 2 became explorers today.  I was very impressed with the children's behaviour and how well they worked together in their teams. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were able to talk about what they had learned from the experience too.


Thank you to all the parents who provided bed sheets and materials. They will all be returned shortly.


Please enjoy the children's comments below.....


" I learnt what an explorers needs to survive. They need to find shelter from the weather and be near water so they don't dehydrate. I would also make a fire straight away for heat and to cook food on. If you have food, water and warmth then you can survive well."


"I've learnt that when you work as part of a team if you  listen to each other and take turns  then your work can be better. People were telling me what to do but they asked nicely and said please so I helped. It was fun!"


"I learned how to tie knots. I couldn't do it before but my friend showed me."


" We had lots of problems because the sticks kept falling down because the sheet was too heavy. Then I thought if you put more sticks together then it will be stronger. Then my friend tied some across the sticks the other way. Now it stands up."






Godly Play Comments 

" The desert is surrounded by yellow. Like light. Is it showing God's love or could it be the light from the angel's halos" 


"Abraham didn't know where to go. Sometimes we don't know where to go or what to do but we have to trust in God to show us."


" God made us. He chose us so we have God inside all of us."


"If we look at a picture of our face or a mirror it is like looking at God because he is inside us all." 


"You don't always have to do lots of big things to show God you are thankful for all the gifts he gave us. You could just smile at someone people that would make them happy."


Picture 1
Picture 2

RE - We are chosen

                         We are chosen - children's voice 


“I can see God when I look in the mirror. God is in me. I think ‘In his image’ means be like God and Jesus. He created us so that we could be kind and caring and love everyone like he does.”


“I think ‘in his image’ means have faith in God. He made us so we should have faith in him like he has faith in us. We should be like Jesus and be kind.”


I see God when I look at my friends and family. Whey they use kind words or help other people I can see God.