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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to our class page 2022-2023.

Here you will find lots of information on what Year 2 have been up to and what we are looking forward to!


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Miss Jepson

19.5.23 - Year 2 selected and developed ideas from Anthony Frost images.

11.5.23 - Year 2 listened to when Jesus first appeared to Mary Magdalene. They then represented or retold the story using their own method.

21.4.23 - As part of their D&T, year 2 designed, made and evaluated an African salad for themselves for their lunch today.

19.4.23 - After planting our seeds in pots at our Lenten Liturgy, today we planted them outside. We are going to continue to look after them and ensure they get enough light, water and air.

29.3.23 - Today year 2 had their own teddy bears' picnic. They used their fraction knowledge to share food items equally between 2, 3 and 4 bears.

23.3.23 - Today year 2, year 1 and Reception took part in their Lenten Liturgy. They planted seeds as a sign of wanting to do good things for Jesus. God’s sunlight and rain – and their looking after it will help it to grow bigger and stronger and more beautiful.

17.3.23 - We caught the train to Rye House station and visited Rye Meads Nature reserve!

10.3.23 - Today year 2 learnt that melodies (tunes) can be written down using letters. They then enjoyed playing a melody from letter notation.

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10.3.23 - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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2.3.23 - We loved looking at the book 'The Word Collector' by Peter H Reynolds for World Book Day. We were inspired to share our own words and go on our very own word hunt.

21.2.23 - We have been learning about hedgehogs and writing instructions for how they hunt. We were inspired to go on our own bug hunt around the school grounds.

10.2.23 - We ended term with a bang! There was a whole school parade to celebrate the Carnival of the Animals! Year 2 created an elephant sculpture, drew elephant line drawings, wrote shape poems and created Elmer collages.

7.2.23 - We saw some chickens with our buddies from year 6!

6.2.23 - We have been listening to Camille Saint-Saëns 'Carnival of the Animals'. Today we interpreted the music and created a dance sequence for the rabbit, swan and fish.

20.1.23 Year 2 brought their snacks for break today. Using £1 and £2 coins they had to work out what items they could buy and how much change they would receive.

18.1.23 - In English year 2 have been exploring what explanation texts are. They enjoyed playing different games and then writing explanations incorporating conjunctions.

13.1.23 In art year 2 are exploring tie dye. They were very resilient when exploring the classic spiral, vertical stripe and bullseye techniques.

9.1.23 - In RE, year 2 responded to the story from The Gospel of Luke about Jesus in the Temple. They were then able to retell the story thinking about how Mary, Joseph and Jesus were feeling.

6.1.23 - Year 2 were adding different notes and coins to find the total. They sorted the notes and coins into pounds and pence before adding to find the total.

8.12.22 - KS1 Nativity. The Magical Christmas Jigsaw!

30.11.22 - In our D&T topic of wheels and axels, year 2 created a car chassis out of Lego. They enjoyed personalising their chassis and then coding it so it could move!

29.11.22 - In PSHE, year 2 created a stand up to bullying paper chain. They had to think about four things they could do if they saw bullying or if it was happening to them.

21.11.22 - Today year 2 investigated how play dough can change its shape by squashing, stretching, bending, pushing, pulling and twisting it. They enjoyed giving each other instructions to create a sculpture.

14.10.22 - Year 2 planned and took part in their own Olympics. They are now looking forward to writing about the Olympics and athletes in their English lessons.

13.10.22 - Year 2 explored number bonds to 10 using base ten and part whole models.

16.9.22 - Year 2 were inspired by Henri Matisse's 'Snail' and created their own collages. They painted primary and secondary colours and then chose how to arrange the pieces.

9.9.22 - In memory of Her Majesty Year 2 created a time line of her life. They also wrote prayers and created collages to thank her for her service to our Country and the Commonwealth.

7.9.22 - Year 2 enjoyed exploring direction using compasses.