Sacred Heart

Catholic Primary

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Letter formation


Today there will be no phonics video.

Practise all the sounds we have learnt in Phase 3. There is a game where you can match the words to the pictures (cut the words separate from the pictures first), or go through one of the powerpoints to have some reading practise smiley

You could play a game on phonics play.


Today is World Book Day! What is our favourite book? Take some time today to read your favourite book with your families. 

Draw a picture and write about your favourite book. Please send me a picture or keep it safe and bring it to school on Monday so I can make a class display next week of all our favourite books!

Why is it your favourite? 

What's your favourite part?

Who's your favourite character?


Today we will be measuring capacity. Find as many containers as you can around the house. How many cups of water do they hold? Which holds the most? The least?

I will show you how to do this on our call at 1:30.