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Fine Motor

We practise our fine motor skills every morning to help to develop our muscles in our hands and to get us ready for writing. 

Use the 'Pre-writing patterns' below. Can you copy them in rice? (Pour come rice onto a plate or baking tray- see photo below as example. You can dye the rice if you fancy!). Or make some gloop (cornflour and water) if you feel like getting a little messy! Can you write your name in the rice or gloop? What other letters can you write in the rice or gloop?

Alternatively, you could choose your own activity from the 'Fine motor skills at home' document on the Reception Remote Learning page. 


Today we are learning our first digraph! A 'digraph' is when two letters go together to make one sound.

Our Digraph today is 'ck', like in 'duck'. It is often found at the end of the word.

Watch my video and see how much you can join in with.

Watch Geraldine, then have a go at the 'ck' sheet.

Today's game: Print off the sounds we have learnt so far (below) or make your own. Place them on the floor and ask a parent to call out a sound. SPLAT it! See photo below for example. 

Phonics video- ck.mp4

Still image for this video

Physical Activity

Follow the link below to a jungle PE lesson, or make up your own. smiley


This week, we are starting our learning in the unit 'It's me, 1,2,3!'

We will be focusing on each number, its value, the many different ways we can represent the numbers, and the different ways each number can be made. 

Today we are looking at number 1.

Join the call, then have a go at the activity. 

If you would rather, you could watch Miss Cooper on the video by following the link below.4

You can also watch the Numberblocks episode about the number 1.


Yesterday was World Mental Health Day, so this week we are going to be thinking about our feelings and emotions.

What different emotions do you know? When have you felt like that? Who can you talk to about the different ways you might feel?

Listen to 'The Colour Monster'. His feelings are all mixed up!

Can you make your own Colour Monster? Talk to your adult about how you are feeling. 

The Colour Monster.mp4

Still image for this video