Sacred Heart

Catholic Primary

'Live, Love and Learn Joyfully in the Family of Christ'

Year 5

Week 2/3 - Home Learning emailed directly to Parents, as required.

Week 1 - Week Beginning Monday 21st February 2022

Previous Half Term:

Week 4 - Beginning Monday 24th January 2022

Week 2 - Beginning Monday 10th January 2022

Week 1 - Thursday 6th and Friday 7th January 2022

As usual, we are spending our first two days focussing on PSHE. This will include lots of discussion and will be led by the children's interests and the outcomes of our conversations.

If you are working at home, here are some tasks for you:


Thursday 6th

1. Maths - Look at the Area and Perimeter tasks on Mathletics.

2. English - Draw a picture of your favourite Christmas present and label it with as much descriptive language as you can think of; especially adjectives.

3. RE - We are starting our new topic; 'Inspirational People'. We will be answering the Big Question - Who inspires us? You can answer this in any way that you like. Usually we make a poster with the question in the centre, and our ideas and drawings around it. Try to include why these people inspire you.

4. PSHE - We are discussing how we can feel safe. Who would you speak to if you felt unsafe or worried about something? We are creating a display at school, of outlines of our hands, with 5 people we could talk to. Create your own and decorate it for our class display.


Friday 7th 

1. Maths - Look at the Area and Perimeter assessment on Mathletics. Can you achieve 100%?

2. English - Write and edit a description of your favourite Christmas present. Check that it makes sense and that it describes what the present looks like and how it can be used. Challenge yourself to use interesting vocabulary.

3. Music - Choose a song that you like. Listen carefully to it and see if you can hear all of the different instruments. In our new topic we are looking at ballads, especially songs by Adele. You could research her, so that you can tell us about her when we start our new topic.

4. PSHE - We are discussing the 'aspirational' giraffe. What does it mean to be aspirational? Define the word 'aspiration' using a dictionary and think of some ideas for what it might look like in our classroom. You could make a poster with a giraffe in the middle.