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Letter formation- w


Today is our final trigraph but also out final sound!!

Today's trigraph is 'ure' like in 'cure'.

Watch the video and try to read and write some 'ure' words.

I have provided some 'air' words and some 'ure' words (real and alien) for you to use to play spin the bottle. 

Phonics video ure.mp4

Still image for this video


Today we will be ordering containers by how much they can hold. 

What can you find in your house that has a large capacity- that could hold a lot of water?

What can you find with a small capacity?


Join the call and then do the activity below.

Topic- What's it like to be an astronaut

We have been talking about going into Space, so I would like you to find out what it's like to be an astronaut.

You could read a book, or research online or look at the powerpoint below. There are also some great videos on youtube of astronauts in space! I like watching the videos of Tim Peake.​​​​​​

Can you draw a picture of an astronaut and write 4 facts?

Think about:

- What an astronaut does

- Where they sleep

- What they wear

- What they eat