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Maths Curriculum

Intent and Implementation



The progression document below highlights to development of each specific skill across the years as well as showing the useful mathematical vocabulary.

Mathematics in the Early Years

To find out about Mathematics in the Early Years, click the link below.

Calculation policies


The most common comment we hear from parents regarding maths is that, 'The way you teach maths is not the same as when I was at school.'


Based on the White rose scheme, we teach using a progression from the concrete (practical resources to touch and hold) to the pictorial (images of resources, grids) to the abstract ( the more traditional methods). The reason for this is to ensure that a solid foundation is in place before moving onto more abstract concepts. Every child will progress differently and we will use our judgement to move back and forth through these steps depending on the understanding of the child or class.


The documents below outline the methods and resources used to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for each year group. Please take time to read through- hopefully you will find it helpful.