Sacred Heart

Catholic Primary

'Live, Love and Learn Joyfully in the Family of Christ'


Busy fingers/ Fine motor

Today's letters are 'r, v, w'. Have a look at the website and watch the videos to make sure you know where to start the letter. 


Today we are looking at the digraph 'er'.

Have a look at the powerpoint and try to write the 'er' words. Look at the sheets below, and play a game on Phonics Play. 



Look through the pictures on the powerpoint below and choose one/two to write sentences about. 

Physical activity

Have a dance!


Today we will be looking at working out change. I will show you how to work this out on the Teams call at 1:00pm.


This week we are learning about Churches. Why do people go to Church? Have you been to Church? Why did you go to Church? What is it like at Church?

Talk to your families- what things do you think you might find in every Church?


Look at the link below, then label the different things in a Church, or draw you own picture!