Sacred Heart

Catholic Primary

'Live, Love and Learn Joyfully in the Family of Christ'


Busy fingers/ Fine motor

Either choose an activity from the 'Fine motor activities at home' document, or visit the 'Teach handwriting' website and practise letter formation. Today's focus is on the letters 'q, o, e, s'. 


Today we are looking at the trigraph 'ure'. 

Go through the powerpoints- do you know all the sounds and tricky words? Challenge yourself to read as many tricky words as you can!

Read through the 'ure' words and have a go at writing some.

Can you write 3 sentences with 'ure' words?

Can you find the 'ure' words in the wordsearch?

Game: Use the words provided to play 'Treasure or Trash'.


If you could have any job, what would it be?


Have a look at the picture from the book 'You Choose'. Think carefully about your dream job, draw a picture and write a sentence!

Physical activity

It is really important to keep active when you're at home! 

You could do your own physical activity- maybe using the one you made up yesterday?

Or look at the link below for some videos.


Today we are looking at adding money together. I will go through some questions with you during the Teams call at 1:00pm.

There is some work available below- please do not feel you have to do them all! Choose the work that is appropriate for you.


This week we are learning and thinking about ho we grow and change as a baby. 

How have you grown and changed since you were a baby? Do you look different? How? What can you do now that you couldn't do when you were a baby?

You might want to look at some baby photos if you have them!

I have been looking at mine- I'll show you below! How have I changed?


Look at the video on Oak National Academy (Link below).

Then you could:

- Make a growing box, or

- Sequence the pictures to show how humans grow and change, or

- Make a poster showing how you have grown and changed since you were a baby.