Sacred Heart

Catholic Primary

'Live, Love and Learn Joyfully in the Family of Christ'

Franciscan Awards

Franciscan Values Award

EYFS & KS1 – Infant Award - KINDNESS

Creating a caring community

To be a kind and loving friend to all.

Sharing compassion for others

To support those in need in my school and in the world.

Reverence for creation

To take care of God’s creations

Peace making

To help and care for others.

KS2 – Junior Award - GRATITUDE

Creating a caring community

To create opportunities for all to respect, love and show kindness to all. To pray,.

 Sharing compassion for others

To pray and to take responsible action to support those in need within my school, home, Parish and my understanding of charity.

Reverence for creation

To understand with compassion and share concern while protecting God’s creation.

Peace making

To support reconciliation and forgiveness in my own life and others.

Spring Term 2024


Key Stage 1



Havanna is the first to look after someone if they are hurt or upset. She always waits for others to have the resources in class before she does. She has also given up her turn to do certain things, in order to let others go first.  She willingly swaps her snack if someone prefers the fruit she has, without a seconds thought.  She is a great example of being kind and loving to all. 


Key Stage 2



For showing outstanding kindness when a member of the class was recovering from an operation. We had an author visit our school, and knowing that the child absent would have loved to attend, she bought a second copy of the book for him and got it signed.



Autumn 2023


Key Stage 1


For always being a kind friend and putting others before herself. She understands God's values and spreads the word of God.



For understanding God made the world for us and we need to look after it. For being selfless and kind towards all members of Year 2.


Key Stage 2

Eva and Esmai

For showing confidence to lead worship and write prayers on behalf of the class and is very thoughtful in their responses