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Year 5

Year 5 - 2019 - 2020

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If you are in contact with any of your Year 5 friends - ask them to send a message to me via the blog - I would love to hear from you all.


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Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 website page.  Here you can find information about our learning so far this year.


A prayer for our  global family:

Lord God,

We are called to lives of service, especially to serve those who are poor, excluded or vulnerable. Grant me the strength to respond to your call, in whatever way I can. May I always seek to act out of love for all your people, our global family.


Our Prayer for 25.03.2020


Mary, the angel brought you joyful news for all the world: that you would give birth to Jesus. Pray for me to find joy in carrying out the tasks that God has given me and to support others so that they too may live a dignified and full life.


Spring 2020


Wednesday 18th March 2020

Today we were looking at how we could use different techniques to mix water colour paints. The children really enjoyed the activity and were then able to use the techniques in a picture they painted of their vision of 'The Bluchers!'

Explanations versus Recounts!

Wednesday 18th March 2020

Today the children had to work in teams to find the differences and the similarities of Explanation and Recount texts.

They then had to discuss their findings with me and give examples of Recounts and Explanations!

Well done to all the teams!

GSK Science Show

Wednesday 11th March 2020

Today we visited GSK and were shown an amazing show on Gas, Solids and Liquids.  The children  really enjoyed the show and workshop and as you will see from the pictures had a great time. Even if they jumped with the loud bangs! (Or was that just the teachers!)



The Primary Knex Challenge

Tuesday 5th March 2020 

Today Year 5 were able to compete in the Knex Challenge.  All the children had to build a windmill, using Knex Kits and all the children enjoyed the challenge.  There had to be a winner, whose design will be forwarded to see if we can become the overall winners in Hertfordshire and Luton!

Well done to all the children - there was lots of laughter and fun had today - and all were able to build a windmill.



Loughton Brook River Study

Friday 28th February 2020


Today the children visited Epping Forest Field Studies Centre.  Even though it was very wet, cold and muddy - not one child complained - the children behaved beautifully and were a credit to the school.  

Well done Year 5 - I am very proud of you all.

You will see from the photos just how muddy our day was - however the children performed all the experiments and studies of the two river sites with great perseverance, with our leader Eddie stating that, 'even though this is the wettest I have seen it in the four years I have worked here - Year 5 tried really hard and worked  extremely well in their teams, despite the rain and mud!'


D T Project

Monday 24th February 2020

Today we finished our DT project making Ducking Stools using a First Class Lever.

The children really enjoyed producing their final version and I hope they share them with you at home.


Monday 3rd February 2020

Today we looked at explaining links between crime and punishment in the Roman period.  The children chose a crime and then in groups worked on a 'story board' to describe the 'Crime' and then the 'Punishment'.


Wednesday 22nd January 2020

We have been looking at friction and Jamie Bond wanted us to check out the best surfaces to run on!

The children had great fun finding out!

Today (Friday 10th January 2020) the children started our Crime and Punishment Topic.  We worked on a Tudor Murder Mystery.There was lots of circumstantial evidence shown in the exhibits we investigated. Lots of 'Red Herrings' - leading us to discover that the murderer was.....

Visit from Paul Sturges

Singing Workshop 

Reading with our Buddies

Today we met up with our Year 1 Buddies and read a story to them all.