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Year 5

Year 5

2021 - 2022

Welcome to the Year Five Class Page

Welcome back Year Five! I hope you had a lovely Easter holiday and are ready to enjoy our new term at school. This term we will be starting our ‘Cradles of Civilisation’ History topic, which will involve learning about the Ancient Egyptians. We also have the Hertford and Ware Music Festival, Sports Day, and the Summer Play with Year Six! It is going to be an exciting term and I am very much looking forward to getting started! J    Miss Smith

Our Last Mini Police Session - We thanked Hayley for teaching us.

Mini Police

Year 5 do Mini Police every week. We do this so we can be safe and protect ourselves from danger, and to learn about what the police does for us. They teach us how to be kind and respectful to other living beings and the environment. We learn about things like; good drugs and bad drugs (if you take the wrong drugs it can harm you), saving the environment, and what the police jobs can be like to do. The police have special equipment for their safety and for ours. They have a special licence for their tasers and you have to do extra training before they can use those things. We are the mini police because we got to be little police officers. We have special caps and bright yellow vests so people know that we know lots about the police. We especially enjoyed learning about the police dogs. They have dogs that have been trained to sense criminals and drugs. They are trained from puppies and are loyal to their owners, and they don't ever retire from their job until their owner does. We wondered if our dogs could be trained but they have to be trained from being a puppy. Lots of us want to be police people when we grow up.

by Joseph, Becky, Harison, and William

Mini Police - Road Safety Session

Young Shakespeare
On Monday the 28th of March, Year 5 and 6 saw Young Shakespeare perform 'The Tempest'. The word tempest means terrible storm. Children got a chance to play some roles such as Gonzalo and Sebastian, so we were part of the story. We acted out different scenes, sometimes using Shakespeare's language. We made noises and created illusions with the actors. It lasted all morning and then we did lessons about it. There were four actors and one of them played three different parts! It was even more interesting because they put in sound effects and music to make it scary or soothing. It was surprising at the end because all the characters forgave each other and none of us was expecting that to happen. We were especially excited because it was performed in the School Hall. We are very excited about seeing a new play next year!
By Angele and Amy

Rivers Fieldwork at Epping Forest

On Monday the 28th of February, we went to the Epping Forest Field Study Centre to learn about rivers. It was an amazing day. There was a lot of learning and a lot of walking! We did investigations to discover if the river is faster downstream or upstream. We also did an experiment to see if the width of the river changed where it was in the course of the whole river. We also looked at the shape and size of the pebbles at two different sites, so we could prove that erosion really happens in rivers. The most important part was that we actually got the chance to get into a river to complete our investigations. That is why we had to wear wellie boots. The boots also helped in the sticky mud which some people fell over in but everyone got stuck in at least one time. Then, we went to the source of the river (which is where it starts flowing) and used auger to see what the ground was like. We discovered that the ground underneath has secrets about rivers inside. We each got a soil sample and smeared it on our paper so we could see the different colours of the soil. When we came back to school we did more learning and wrote up our investigations so we could make conclusions. We can't wait to see more rivers!

By Kyran and Angelica

Christmas Fun!

As a Christmas Treat, Miss Smith bought us fancy card making resources so we could make Christmas Cards for our families. We enjoyed layering the different parts and experimenting with the shiny card!

Space Explorers

On Monday 15th November, Year Five experienced a Planetarium Show! We went inside a blow-up dome and saw fantastic images from space. Stars glittered across the sky, as we witnessed the solar system moving in real time – and then sped up! We loved asking all our scientific questions to a real expert and were fascinated by how the planets all rotate the Sun at different speeds.

We couldn’t take any photos inside the dome, but here are some photos of the other exhibits we looked at:

The Reading Challenge Has Begun!

Wednesday 15th September - Our First Music Lesson

Tuesday 7th September - Rock Steady Music Workshop