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Week beginning Monday 1st March
Week beginning 22nd February

This week, we are praying with Matthew’s Gospel which describes Jesus’ temptation in the desert. Each Lent this story is presented and so children will be familiar with it – the challenge each year is to hear it in a fresh, new way.

But God’s word is living and active and so we can have confidence that God will help children to recognise in a new way that Jesus was tempted just like we are and that He models how to resist temptation by trusting in God’s love for us.

This week’s prayers help children to reflect on the ways they are tempted in similar ways to Jesus and how Jesus wants to help them to resist temptation and become more like the people God has created them to be.

Week beginning Monday 8th February

Week beginning Monday 1st February

2020-02 Children's Mental Health Week

2021-02-01 Assembly Video for Home

Week beginning Monday 25th January

Week beginning 18th January