Sacred Heart

Catholic Primary

'Live, Love and Learn Joyfully in the Family of Christ'


Letter formation

Today we are practising the letter 'p'. Don't forget to start at the top and don't take your pencil off until you have finished!


Today we are learning the digraph 'ur' link in 'curl'. Can you think of any other words with 'ur'?
Watch the video and have a go at the buried treasure game. (Remember, you don't need to print out the game if you don't want to- you could draw the props and write the words on strips of paper.)

Can you write some 'ur' words? Use the 'say it, make it, write it' to help you. 

Phonics video ur.mp4

Still image for this video


This week we will be focusing on the story 'Whatever Next'. I will read the story to you on Teams, but if you miss it, you can find a reading of it on Youtube.

Listen to the story and talk to you Mums and Dads- What happens in the story? Do you like it? Why/why not? What do you think of Baby Bear?

Think about your favourite part of the story. Draw a picture and write a sentence, 'My favourite part is...'.


This week we will look at length and height- comparing objects by their length or height and measuring them. 

Go for a hunt around your house. What's the tallest thing you can find? The shortest?

What's the longest thing you can find? The shortest/ smallest?


Pick an object in your house. Can you find something shorter than that object? Can you find something longer than that object?


We know that Superworm is super long- can you make different worms and compare their length? See document below for ideas. 

Or, order the lengths of these pencils


In PSHE we will be looking at what makes us special and different- and celebrating our differences. 

Today I would like you to think carefully about something you are really good at. Can you draw a picture and write a sentence with your parents?