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Catholic Primary

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Today we are focusing on the letter sound 'l'. Please see the phonics powerpoint for ideas of CVC words that you can practice sounding out. 


Our game is called 'Who can cross the river?'. I have made a river here using a sheet- you could be more creative at home! I have placed letter cards as 'stepping stones' (Pieces of paper with the letters on would be fine!). The children will cross the river by stepping on the letters and saying the sound as they do. When they get to the other side they blend the sounds together to read the word. Here, the word is l-e-g...leg. Repeat with as many words as you like!

Phonics activity- L


We are reminding ourselves of the 2D shapes that we know. Listen to this song or - which 2D shapes did you remember?

You could watch the Numberblocks episode about 2D shapes here:


I would like you to go on a shape hunt around your home- what shapes can you find! How many squares can you find? Triangles? Rectangles?


You could make a poster about the 2D shapes and their properties. 


Today is Epiphany. This is the day where we celebrate the 3 wise men visiting Jesus with their gifts. 



What happened in the story? What did the 3 Wise men take to Jesus? Why do you think they visited him?


Draw a picture of the event and, with your parents' support, write a sentence to go with it.