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This year, we have made the decision to move from teaching French in Key Stage 2 to teaching Spanish. We conducted a survey with our children about language learning and which languages they would like to learn. We had a variety of responses, including Polish, Hungarian, Mandarin, but the language which was most popular was Spanish.

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world – current estimates suggest that there are over 570 million speakers, making it the second most-widely spoken language in the world.

We are in the early stages of teaching Spanish, and we welcome members of our Spanish speaking community to support us in the teaching of Spanish as well as in appreciation of Spanish culture.

Intent and Implementation

The whole school shared in  a wonderful Spanish Day on November 2nd. 

Our lovely Spanish parents danced for us and also helped to make empanadas. We learnt songs and dances throughout the day and even had a family style Spanish meal at lunchtime.