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Catholic Primary

'Live, Love and Learn Joyfully in the Family of Christ'


Busy fingers/ Fine motor

Either choose an activity from the 'Fine motor activities at home' document, or visit the 'Teach handwriting' website and practise letter formation. Today's focus is on the letters 'c, a, d, g'. 


Today we are looking at the trigraph 'air'. Remember, a trigraph is when 3 letters together make 1 sound.

Go through the powerpoints again- do you know all the sounds? Tricky words? Don't forget the challenge to learn as many tricky words this week as you can! Stick them up around your house so you see them all the time!

Read through the powerpoint of 'air' words. After slide 14 it asks you to write the matching 'air' words. Have a go at writing these words, then challenge yourself to write them in sentences!

Can you read and find the 'air' words in the wordsearch?

Game: Either play a game on phonics play, or use the 'air' words below to play a game. Print and cut them, or copy them onto smaller bits of paper. Hide these words around the house to find and read.


If you could have any kind of home, what would you choose?


Have a look at the picture below from the book 'You choose'. Have a think about what kind of house you would choose to live in, draw a picture and write some sentences.


'I would live in a... because...'

Afternoon- PE

Today was going to be Sports Day at school. Although it has been postponed due to the weather, I thought we could still have some fun doing some physical things this afternoon!

See the document below for some ideas of things you can do- don't forget to keep a record!

Alternatively, you could design your own 'work out' routine. 

Consider the exercises you would like to include in your routine, how many/ for how long, and write it down as a sequence. Don't forget to test it out yourself and on your family!

Send me your routine so I can try it out, too,

If you feel extra-confident, create your own 'workout' video, just like Joe Wicks!


Exercises you could include:

running on the spot

high knees

jumping jacks

elbow to knee

touch your toes

reach for the sky

sit ups



different animal movements.

Time yourself!

One of the things you could do this afternoon is see how many of each exercise you can do in 30 seconds. See document below for more detail.