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Catholic Primary

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Crowning of Mary 2022

* Parents/Parish invited

Class Masses will be added in Summer Term

Remembrance Service 2018

Masses/ Spiritual Celebrations in School 2018


Year Group


Wed 10th January


Whole School

Epiphany Mass

Friday 23rd March

5 and 6

Stations of the Cross

( Church)

Monday 26th March

3 and 4

Seder Meal

Wed 28th March

Rec , I and 2

Easter Liturgy and Breakfast

Thu 20th Apr


Whole School

Easter Mass

Sunday April 29th

First Holy Communion Children

First Holy Communion 10.30am and 2.00pm church

Sunday 6th May

First Holy Communion Children

First Holy Communion 10.30am and 2.00pm church

Thursday 10th May

Whole school

Ascension Mass 2.00pm

( Celebrating Holy Communion Children)

Monday 21st May

Whole School

Pentecost Mass & Party 1.30pm

Friday 29th June

2.15 pm

Whole School

St.Peter and St. Paul Mass

Monday 23rd July


Whole School

Leavers’ Mass 9.30am

Seder Meal

On March 26th Years 3 and 4 celebrated a Seder Meal with Fr. John.

This was a good way to reflect on the events of Holy Week. Fr.John also washed the feet of the children who are to make their First Holy Communion.

Ascension Mass- Celebrating our First Holy Communion children

Our first Crowning of Mary Procession

On Thursday 10th May the whole school celebrated Ascension Mass. We also celebrated our children who have made their First Holy Communion this year.

This year is extra special as we have a statue of Our Lady in the prayer garden and used this special occasion to crown her with flowers.

Opening the Door to Year of Mercy