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On Thursday 21st march, Years 3 and 4 shared a Seder Meal together. making  connections between the Passover and The Last Supper. Fr. Charles attended and washed the feet of our children who are making their First Holy Communion this year.

This is what Eva had to say:


On Thursday afternoon, Year 3 and Year 4 had a Seder meal. The Seder meal represents all sorts of feelings and events from the Exodus  - whether bitter or scared. For example, the lamb bone represents the lamb they sacrificed. The Hebrews had to paint the blood of a lamb on their doors so the angel of death would know that’s a Hebrew house. We tried different foods and drinks. The horseradish represents the bitterness of slavery. Because they didn’t have time to let the bread rise Moses made bread without yeast. Bread without yeast is called Matzoh. I was the youngest so I had to ask four questions which other children answered.



Harvest Festival 2023

Reception, Year 1 and 2 Easter Liturgy and Breakfast

* Parents/Parish invited

Class Masses will be added in Summer Term

On March 26th Years 3 and 4 celebrated a Seder Meal with Fr. John.

This was a good way to reflect on the events of Holy Week. Fr.John also washed the feet of the children who are to make their First Holy Communion.

Our first Crowning of Mary Procession

On Thursday 10th May the whole school celebrated Ascension Mass. We also celebrated our children who have made their First Holy Communion this year.

This year is extra special as we have a statue of Our Lady in the prayer garden and used this special occasion to crown her with flowers.

Opening the Door to Year of Mercy