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Year 6

Year 6 - 2018 - 2019


Welcome to the Year 6 page! Here you will find lots of information on what Year 6 have been up to and what we are looking forward to!



Today, three scientists from GSK visited our school.  They explained about different types of bacteria and how some are good and some are bad.

We carried out three experiments. In the first experiment, we had our hands covered in lotion and glitter. We then had to shake hands around our groups to see how bacteria is spread by touch.

The second experiment involved a lemon being covered in lotion. This was passed around the group and then an ultraviolet light was shone on our hands to see how much bacteria was on them.

In our final experiment, each person was handed a test tube containing a solution and a pipette.  This was to discover how a mosquito transmits malaria from one person to another.  We had to choose two people to share our solution with. After we had completed this task, another solution was added to the test tubes.  If the colour changed to red, this showed cross contamination.

"This morning I enjoyed seeing all the bacteria on our hands under the UV light."


"It was very informative. I learned a lot and it was fun at the same time." Benjamin

"I enjoyed the glitter and lotion because it showed how germs spread. The whole trip from GSK was good!" Millie

"I liked the GSK visit because the experiments were fun and I learned a lot from them. Also, because it was good that we're now aware of the symptoms of malaria." Amy




On Tuesday, we visited Great Ormond Street Hospital where we learned how to carry out CPR and use a defibrillator.  We then walked to The British Museum where we saw displays about the Ancient Greeks.

PERU DAY 15.10.18

Year 6 had a workshop with World Tour Arts.  Through drama and song we learned about the Incas and Peru.  We learned how to speak Spanish using short conversations.  We came to understand different culture, language and the environment of the Peruvian people.

"It was really fun and I learned so much.  I enjoyed everything, but my favourite thing to do was the drama because it helped me understand the landscape."  Amy

"I like this workshop because we get to speak Spanish.  I have enjoyed the drama."  Rory

"I enjoy the songs because they are fun and creative.  I also enjoy the drama as we get to learn Spanish."  Chloe

"I enjoyed learning Spanish because it helps us learn how to understand the people."  Millie

"I like having conversations in Spanish."  James 

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