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Year 6

Year 6 - 2017 - 2018


Welcome to the Year 6 page! Here you will find lots of information on what Year 6 have been up to and what we are looking forward to!


Thursday 14th June

Have enjoyed spending our euros at Le Touquet  market, you can never have too many Squishys!
Then off to the beach to build a trench.
We are looking forward to trying our hand at making bread at the boulangerie.

Today was filled with a trip into Belgium. First we visited Ypres and In Flanders Field Museum.  We logged into interactive stations with our special poppies. It was very thought provoking.  Then off to Tyne Cot Cemetery, the largest commonwealth cemetery in the world.

The sun came out on time for lunch which we had to make ourselves!  We then enjoyed going in the dig out and walking along the trenches in the Passchendaele museum.
A very tiring day.


We haven’t managed to lose anyone yet.....Or gain one!
Ready for our three course meal now!😀

Tuesday 12th June

After a straight run we have arrived at Folkestone ready to board train.

Trying to avoid all shops!

Hertford Primary Schools Essay Competition

23rd May 2018

During May, Herts Shires Rotary Club ran an essay competition for primary schools. Sacred Heart had three finalists from Year 6 - Aston, Cara and Sinead.  This was the winning entry for our school by Cara:


What I want to be when I'm older


When I am older, I want to become a lawyer. I would like to be a lawyer because I want justice for everyone. Even if someone does break the law, they can be released sooner because of us lawyers. 


Lawyers are honest, smart, confident people, who never give up. If their client says their evidence is true, lawyers believe the evidence is true. Lawyers give everything to prove their client is innocent and investigate the scene to give proof. There is a judge in court to decide whether their client is innocent or guilty.


Becoming a lawyer will be difficult. You need to pass a bar exam and go to law school which takes three years to complete. Every law school requires a four year bachelor's degree from a university or college. They recommend studying: English, government, history, public speaking and many more.


The first woman lawyer was Arabella Mansfield. Did you know that women were allowed to join the legal profession from March 1923? The first UK (United Kingdom) lawyer was Carrie Morrison. At first she was rejected, but then she fought for what she thought was right. The people saw some potential in her and made her a lawyer.


A great argument in court was the 'Jaffa Cake' debate. The government put a tax on biscuits, so the Jaffa Cake company decided that they weren't a biscuit. They got a good lawyer to defend them and they won the debate. Now, a Jaffa Cake is declared a cake, not a biscuit.




Picture 1
Picture 2
Sinead's essay was about wanting to become a music teacher.  She has been playing the flute since she was nine and gave a demonstration at the competition and also at the Celebration Assembly on Friday 8th June.


Still image for this video

Monday, 30th April 2018


On Monday, Mrs Baylis from Richard Hale School taught us about respiration.


We experimented with calcium hydroxide and how it reacted with carbon dioxide.


Mrs Baylis also dissected a lung for us to see the bronchi and a heart to show us valves and all the chambers.

Crucial Crew, Morgans School, Hertford 

6th March 2018


"Even though I found it a bit scary, I enjoyed it and it will hopefully help me in the future.  We learnt how to keep an unconscious person alive, how to stay safe around trains and the road, what to do if you are being cyber-bullied and keeping your room safe from fire hazards."  Joseph


"It was lots of fun and I learnt a lot of information.  For example, when we had to find things in a messy bedroom that could catch alight.  Now I know how to be more safe than I normally am."  Catherine


"It was fun. We learnt how to keep safe by a train track and how to stay happy and healthy.  Now I know how I can take care of myself."  Angela


"I found it really helped me to know what not to do by a train.  I found it scary in a good way as they were telling us true stories about accidents that had happened when people were messing around."  Sofia 

Wednesday 21st February - Hertford Dance Festival

Mayor for the Day


In October 2017, year six wrote letters explaining why they would like to be mayor for the day and how they would improve Ware.  All entries were submitted to the mayor. He selected the following four people - Angela, Simi, Daniel and Izzy.  On Friday 16th February they met with the mayor for a planning session.  They also planted a tree in the Priory, enjoyed craft activities and visited Snowdrop Care Home.

Wednesday 7th February


We made various items to raise money for Cafod during our PSHE lesson on Wednesday 7th February.  These were sold to family and friends and £91 was raised!    


Picture 1

Monday 18th December


Today we re-enacted the Christmas Truce from World War I, when England and Germany played football on Christmas Day. As well as playing a match, some of the soldiers gave each other haircuts and swapped chocolate and biscuits.

Afterwards, we had hot chocolate to warm us up!



"I thought it was exciting and enjoyable."  Francis 


"It was good because we got to understand how the soldiers felt and how they reacted to the situation."  Charlotte 


"It was really fun because we got to understand the scene."  Ella 


"I really enjoyed it because we got to have fun and learn about history at the same time."  Sofia 


"I thought it was fun because we got to play football and it helped me to understand what happened in World War I."  Keenan 

Remember the 10th December

Human Rights Day


Our Learning

Friday 13.10.17 - Quesadilla Day!

"I enjoyed cooking because when we put the chilli powder in it made a whole new level of delicious!" - Jake


"On Friday, 13th October we made quesadillas.  It was very interesting that we got to try foods we had never tasted before.  I tried loads of different foods (toppings) such as onions, chilli powder and mushrooms." - Sinead


"On Friday we cooked quesadillas and my favourite part was eating it!  I ate mushrooms and chilli powder for the first time." - Fraser


"I enjoyed Friday because we all got  the opportunity to try quesadillas.  I liked the fact we could try new things.  I didn't like mushrooms or tomatoes before but now I do after trying them again." - Charlotte


"I chopped tomatoes for the first time.  I enjoyed the quesadilla and I tried black beans. I took out the mushrooms." - Francis


"On Friday I learnt how to make a quesadilla and tried onion in a mixture for the first time.  I enjoyed making this and liked it." - Simi




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Monday 16.10.17 - Trip to Great Ormond Street Hospital and The British Museum


"On Monday we went to Great Ormond Street Hospital to learn C.P.R.  I learnt how to use a defibrillator and how to help a choking child.  My favourite part was saving a man whose heart stopped on a video game.

We also went to The British Museum to look at the ancient Greeks and Mexico.  My favourite part was seeing the Greek artifacts." - Aston


"On Monday 16th October we went to Great Ormond Street Hospital and did C.P.R. activities.  I was one of the three to do virtual reality.  It was a mini-movie where we had to pick the right choices for the movie.  We used C.P.R. on a cushion for the chest of a human.  At the end of the day we got a goody bag." - Patrick


"On Monday 16th October we learnt C.P.R.  It was my first time learning it.  Now I know how to save someone's life." - Angela


"We went to Great Ormond Street Hospital and learnt how to do C.P.R.  We also went to The British Museum.  I enjoyed seeing all of the artwork and in the Ancient Greece section there were lots of vases!" - Ellie


"I learnt how to use a defibrillator on  a person whose heart has stopped.  We were also taught how to do C.P.R.  I also learnt about the Mayans at The British Museum." - Kieran

Human Rights Day Workshop

Human Rights Day Workshop 1


The Declaration of Human Rights turns 70 this 10th of December 2017.

Let's stand up for equality, justice and human dignity.


On Wednesday, Year 6 participated in a Human Rights Day Workshop and were able to articulate really well what the meaning of human rights and their responsibilities were.



On Tuesday, 12th December we made Christmas hats followed by a delicious Christmas lunch.  We also had auditions for the Talent Show which was held in the afternoon - a very busy day!