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Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! I hope you had an amazing summer holiday and are now excited, and ready to learn, in the busy term ahead of us. We have many interesting things planned to guarantee we have a fun year, as well as being challenged and in line with the higher expectations of Year 3.


Our first topic is ‘Rock through the Ages: Stone Age to Iron Age’ where we will learn about how people lived, farmed, cooked and fought in different Prehistoric times. After half term our topic is ‘Farm to Fork’, where our learning will be based around farming, food production and plants.


Throughout the year we will be learning about volcanoes, being street detectives, the Roman invasions of Britain, and robots. We have lots of exciting work to do in all of our subjects.


I am delighted to be your new teacher and I am looking forward to our learning journey together.


Miss Smith

Our Learning

Veni, Vidi, Vici! - Topic Celebration

You are invited to the

grand opening

of the

Veni, Vidi, Vici Museum

on XVIII.V.XVII (18th May 2017). Please arrive at II:XXXpm (2:30pm) at the Year III Classroom door to be ASTOUNDED and AMAZED!

Reading Challenge Celebration: Myths and Legends!

Reading Challenge Celebration: Myths and Legends! 1

16.03.2017 - Street Detectives Topic Celebration

08/03/2017 - We are Street Detectives! - Graffiti Art

07/03/17 - We are Street Detectives! - Traffic Survey

Fossils Detectives Investigation!

On Tuesday 24th January we went to Hertford Museum to complete a fossils investigation. Year 3 had a fantastic morning and learnt lots. Firstly, we were asked to wear gloves (to protect the fossils from the oils on our hands) so that we could touch them. We investigated and handled:

- A vertebra from a Ichthyosaur (A fish-type dinosaur that was larger than our school hall!)

- Fossilised coral and fern

- Ammonites

- Fossilised sea urchins and tree bark

The most amazing part was holding items that are millions of years old!

We also got to explore the museum and learn more about Hertford's history.

Finally, we had lunch and talked about what we had learnt during the morning.

What a stupendous experience!

20.01.2017 - Volcano Explosions!

06.12.2016 - Winter Salad D&T Morning

24/11/2016 - Map Skills and Orienteering Morning

#Anti-Bullying Week - Year 3 are the Superheroes who are the 'Power for Good' at Sacred Heart

#Anti-Bullying Week - Year 3 are the Superheroes who are the 'Power for Good' at Sacred Heart 1

16.11.2016 - Year 3 Sports Hall Festival at Wodson Park

Young Shakespeare Performance of Twelfth Night

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