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Dear Parents,

We hope your children have had a good first few weeks at school. 


We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting the children and working with them. They are a delightful group of young people and we look forward to our adventure, exploring and learning together.


It was a pleasure to meet you all at the curriculum evening.. We hope we can all work together as a strong school/home team to ensure the children achieve their full potential in all areas of their learning.


Kind regards

Karen Lambert & Sue Loader



Curriculum Letters 2018 - 19

This is the video showing the phonetic alphabet. Thank you, Sue Loader

How to learn the letters and sounds of the Alphabet

Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne and Youtube sensation Geraldine the Giraffe take you on a learning journey through the world of phonics, grammar, spelling and punctuation, learning letters and sounds along the way. SUBSCRIBE to our channel Collect a copy of Geraldine the Giraffe's storybook from Amazon ...

Learning through PLAY!

What a busy time we have had the first few weeks at school.

Just a few photos for you to see how much learning we have been doing.

A wonderful week learning.

We have had a busy week at school and we are beginning to find our feet. We understand rules and we are remembering to say please and thank you.

We have been trying hard to share this week and be kind to each other.

We have also been introduced to some sounds. We had fun using the Interactive Whiteboard and magnetic letters to make words and hear sounds.

We have been working on our physical development in PE and in our outside area by digging and pulling tyres and planks around.

Mrs Loader says we are all ready for a good rest at the weekend.

5th October 2018

We have been working to develop our fine motor skills. We need to do this to help us hold a pencil to be able to write and draw.

We have also been working hard on recognising numbers to 10 or 20. We used the ipads in technology to work on maths games. 

We have also had lots of opportunities to learn through our role play, outside area, the water, sand and construction area. We have ridden on our bikes and climbed on the pirate ship.

Week ending 12th October 2018

The weather this week has felt so glorious that we have spent lots of time outside. We loved building with the large construction equipment outside and some of us even built a tower taller than Mrs Loader (not too difficult admittedly!)

We have been doing lots of writing and counting. Curiosity made us have a look at the cause and effect of pushing something over. 

Building chairs and bedrooms out of crates has never been so much fun. Our class has been making up some prayers to for our prayer garden. Please come in and read them if you have time.


Another busy week in Reception learning, discovering and exploring through play.

We have had a long half term and we are all ready for a break. Our teachers would like us to have a good rest but they ask that someone reads to us every day in the holidays for fun.


Curriculum newsletter 2019

Frost and snow, patterns and shape, dinosaurs and Bee-Bots.
What a super busy week we've had. We hope you enjoy looking through the photos.

Chinese New Year, BeetBots, Number bonds and much much more!


This is the Chinese year of the Pig. We re-told and acted out the Chinese New Year story of "The Great Race." We had so much fun doing this in class and in the hall.

We played with Numicon to find the numbers that partner up to make 10. We call them number bonds to 10.

BeeBots came out again on Friday and we had to try to program the Beebot to follow a trail or make a square shape.

In our Child Initiated time we chose lots of different things to do. Mrs Loader was happy to see lots of us helping each other in our play.

Week ending 8th March 2019

We love seeing how our children use their learning environment to enhance the learning being taught in class. 

This week we have been learning about teen numbers in class. When it was the children's turn to choose in Child Initiated Learning time, they chose to use the things in our environment to further enhance and support their learning. They have been writing numbers on the floor with chalk, making Super Hero book marks, cutting and sticking the missing numbers on a number line and explaining to their Super Hero friends how to recognise a teen number. The children have obviously done so much more this week, but this is just a snapshot of their learning on one day.



Week ending 15th March 2019

What a windy week we had this week. Nothing more for it, let's make some kites!

Pyjama day fun.


Spring term has been short this year, but we have been really busy on school trips, writing, counting, exploring our outside area, using our imagination and strengthening our friendships.
Busy, busy, busy!