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Year 4  2016-2017




Welcome to Year 4

Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful and holy Easter break, that you have recovered from our fantastic trip and you are ready to start the Summer term. Time is flying by!

Our topics this term are 'The Vikings' and 'Food, Glorious Food", which will be taught through all the subjects. 

Please see the Summer curriculum letter for more information. 

Kind regards, Miss Manning.  

Aylmerton Trip!

Day one
And we have arrived! After a long journey and lots of questions of "are we there yet?" We finally arrived at about midday. The leader, Skippy, was waiting for us and we all excitedly hopped off the coach and into the lodge. After a very quick welcome talk it was time for lunch- and couldn't have come sooner for these hungry children (and teachers)! 
After lunch, it was back onto a coach to travel to West Runton to see the sea! We spent some time carefully searching the rock pools to see what we could find- some shrimp and quite a few crabs! Then we were off along the beach, stopping to observe and talk about some erosion and some sea defences.
With some very tired children we headed back to the lodge just in time for a very yummy tea. This evening we went out into the woods to see what creatures we could find, and the evening was ended with a story around the camp fire.
What a day! 


Day two

Day two started early (far too early if you ask me!) due to some very excited children. After a very big breakfast for everyone, we split into groups and headed outside to start our team building activities. Who knew diffusing a bomb, crossing an acid river, herding sheep and climbing through a spider's web could all be achieved in one morning?! It was lovely to observe the children all working together so nicely.

After a jam-packed morning and a tasty lunch outside, we made our way to the woods. In groups we nervously tip-toed through the beautiful woods, making sure we used our compasses and followed the map carefully- and keeping our eyes peeled for those monsters! A couple of hours later, having encountered 3 monsters, lots of muddy puddles and some interesting trees, we finally made it back to base safe and sound. PHEW!

Another delicious dinner and time to pack came next, swiftly followed by a knock on the door by a tall man with lots of very interesting instruments in tow! As he set up in the dining room, the children giggled with anticipation. He was a storyteller! Every single child gawped with fascination as he told his wonderful stories. I don't think I have ever seen them sit still for so long! He told 3 great stories, and ended with some crazy dancing- just what you want to do before bed!

Then it was off to bed and straight to sleep- well for me anyway!

Day three

Not such an early start today- we had obviously worn them out! 

After a little bit of a hectic morning making sure we all had everything, off we went in search of some seals. We arrived at Morston and boarded a boat with a feeling of excitement in the air. Would we get to see any seals? 

After a slightly damp ride out to Blakeney point there was a thrilled shout of "I can see a seal!". Sure enough, lying on the beach was a group of about 12 seals!

Then we travelled back to Morston and had a short walk before stopping for our final lunch with Skippy and Sparky. 

Our coach arrived just as we finished lunch and we all climbed on with a little sadness that we were having to leave it all behind.


I really hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as I did- I know it's a trip I'll remember for a long time!


In year 4 we are given the responsibility of having buddies to look after. This year our buddies are reception children. I know year 4 very much enjoyed meeting them and playing in the reception classroom! It is so lovely to see the caring nature of the children in this school. 


We were lucky enough today to be given our own dictionaries by the Rotary Club. The dictionaries will be kept in school and I'm sure they will get a lot of use!

Picture 1


We had a wonderful time this afternoon learning some map skills and then putting them to the test. We had to find flags that had been hidden around the playground and field, using a map to help us. I must say that a lot of the children were better than me! Well done year 4!


Problem solving

We have been working on our reasoning skills in maths and we put these to the test during a problem solving activity. We became code breakers for the lesson and we had to reorganise sets of symbols onto a hundred square. Each symbol represented a digit, and the children had to work out which symbol was which digit and then give a reason why they thought that. Not an easy task! But I have to say I was very impressed!

Here are just a few of the things I heard during the session:


"That's got to be 100 because it's the only 3-digit number and this one has 3 symbols."- Mallory.


"That's got to be a 1 because the number underneath it is represented by two of the same digit which would be 11."- Amy.


"Once we had worked out what 1 was we could work out 2 as 12 was on the same strip, so we could see which symbol was a digit 2."- Evie.


"Once we had found 100 we knew what 1 would be as it would be the first symbol of 100 but on its own."- Benjamin.

"A big diamond with a little one has to be 10 because 100 is a big diamond and two little ones, and 10 would just be 1 little diamond less."- Rory.


Litter Survey 23.1.17

Today we went for a walk along the river to see what litter we could see! We were then thinking about what impact all of the litter would have on the environment. We saw a surprising amount of litter- even in the short amount of time we were outside! It was a very cold walk! 

Thank you to Mrs Dunlop, Mr Ship and Mrs Armstrong for helping out this morning.


"I was very surprised by how much litter there was. We saw the first bit of rubbish straight outside our school gate!"- Mallory.


"I was surprised by how careless people are with their litter. People really need to look after our world. Maybe we could get a litter picking club!"- Connor.


"I was astonished by the rubbish! I was most surprised to see all the cigarettes on the floor. I really hope that the animals don't think it's food and try to eat them."- Lara.


"There was quite a lot of rubbish that would not be good for the plants or animals! People really need to put their rubbish in the bin. Maybe we need some more bins along the river path."- Roisin.