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Year 4

Year 4  2017-2018




Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


We hope you all had a wonderful, restful summer and that you are ready for an exciting year in Year 4.  We can't wait to get to know you all and hope that you are ready for a few challenges along the way!


Please have a look at our Curriculum Letter which will give you information about what we will be learning this term.


Mrs Lawson and Mrs Celano



Well done to year 4 for a fabulous response to last week's Learning Log task.

Mrs Celano and I thoroughly enjoyed viewing your various efforts which ranged from an historical fact file on the Bayeux Tapestry to mini basket weaving and God's Eyes galore!

Enjoy the slide show!


What a great experience! We were fully immersed in the French language today interacting with four French speaking staff.

08.5.18 Today we acted out the story of Pentecost as part of our RE topic about the Early Christians.

19.4.18 We have been making different types of sea defences using our bodies and looking at what happens to the water when it meets different defences. We saw some of these sea defences on our trip to Norfolk.

Day One

After a long journey, we finally arrived at our destination. We were welcomed by our leaders Bo Peep and Jeremiah (in a kilt-bit chilly!) and we quickly organised ourselves and sat down for a well deserved lunch. After that, we jumped back onto a coach and travelled to West Runton for a breezy walk along the beach, making sure we paid attention to the evidence of erosion on the way! 

Back at the lodge, we warmed up with a lovely dinner before wrapping up again and heading out, torches in hand (or head!). A brisk twilight walk and a story round the campfire later, we finally headed back for a lovely drink and headed to bed. Zzzz!

Day Two (Part One)

After a fantastic night’s sleep we have awoken feeling refreshed (most of us anyway!) and we were filled to the brim with a delicious breakfast. 

Feeling rejuvinated and energised, we headed outside to partake in the very serious business of diffusing a bomb, getting through a spider’s web, directing some sheep and getting across an acid river. Tiring stuff! Lunch time soon- then we need to be brave and head out to face some monsters! 

Day Two (Part two)

After our delicious lunch we made our way into the deep and dark woods in search of some monsters. Of we went on our monster hunt, trying to find a big one, it was a beautiful day, we weren't scared! We developed our orienteering skills and tip toed through the woods, keeping our eyes peeled until... AHHHH! A MONSTER!

Luckily, we managed to find our way back to the coach before the monsters could catch us and eat us!

Back at base we had our well deserved dinner and waited patiently for our mysterious storyteller. What an incredibly engaging man he was! We sat and listened intently as he told us some fantastically eccentric stories. Finally, after a really long but enjoyable day, it was time for bed. 

Day Three

Feeling rested after a lovely sleep, we awoke and got all packed up for home. After breakfast we headed out toward Morston where we picked up a boat and took sail (sort of!) toward Blakeney Point where to our delight there were lots of seals sunning themselves on the beach! What an amazing sight!

Then it was back to shore and a short walk to Blakeney for some al fresco dining, before clambering back onto the coach and heading home. 

What wonderful memories we made!

Sportshall Festival at Wodson Park - 15th January 2018

Parliament/Anti bullying week debate: "Is it OK to retaliate when you are being bullied?" (The results of the vote were interesting!)


In year 4 we are given the responsibility of having buddies to look after. This year our buddies are reception children. I know year 4 very much enjoyed meeting them and playing in the reception classroom! It is so lovely to see the caring nature of the children in this school. 

26.09.17 We spent some time with our buddies this afternoon, getting to know them a bit better.

We enjoyed the Young Shakespeare performance of Romeo and Juliet. Some of us even got involved!

Young Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet. Come and read what we thought of the performance!