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Catholic Primary

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Snow days

Monday 12th December




First watch the YouTube video attached to revise the split digraph e-e.


Then practice writing the words below. You say the word and they show you how many phoneme fingers they need before they write it. For example 'Eve' would need 2 phoneme fingers. 


Eve, Pete, even, theme.


Finally ask the children to get ready to write a sentence (thinking about capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and sound buttons). Orally say the sentence to them and encourage them to clap the words before they write it. How many words are in the sentence? Yes 9!


I would like to go to a theme park.




Please find attached the PowerPoint for today's maths lesson 'Counting forwards and backwards to 20'. Go through it together and then complete the worksheets. 




Please find a Cosmic Yoga fun activity to do inside but I know you will be outside making snow angels and building a snowman!


Please email me today with any questions you have or photos of your completed work at


But most of all I would love to see your snow photos and what you get up to.


Have a fun day everyone and see you soon smiley

Miss Nikiforou