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Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge 2021

We are very excited to have started our reading challenge which is to help us to enjoy reading even more!  In class we have a Bingo Board with a range of categories of stories that, as a class, we are going to try and fill in.  The categories of stories are: 

  • A traditional tale
  • A story from another country
  • A story with a hero
  • A rhyming story
  • A story about a family
  • A story that makes you laugh
  • A story from the Bible
  • A story with a villain
  • A story about the ocean
  • A story with a talking animal
  • A non-fiction book
  • A story set in space

Please encourage your child to take part in the challenge.  When they have read a book that fits into one of the categories on our Bingo Board write the title in their reading record and highlight that it is for the reading challenge.  Each child has been given a bookmark, please make sure they have it in school on a Monday as I will be giving out stickers if they have read a book for the challenge!