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Project 3 Due in Friday 9th July 2021

Year 4 Homework projects Summer Term 2021

You will have several weeks to complete these tasks – please take your time and care over them. – Choose to do something each week.

You do need to complete all the tasks stated below.


Project 3:                    Due in Friday 9th July 2021


Research and produce a project on an artist of your choice.  Think about pictures you have seen or google some and choose an artist whose pictures or works have an effect on you.

Produce a report on the artist –Where were they born? Where did they live? Who was in their family? When did they decide to become an artist and why? Which pieces of art were the most famous and why?  When did they die or are they still alive?

Then I would like you to produce a copy of the picture which you most like from this artist.