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Project 2 Due in Friday 11th June 2021

Year 4 Homework projects Summer Term 2021

You will have several weeks to complete these tasks – please take your time and care over them. – Choose to do something each week.

You do need to complete all the tasks stated below.


Project 2                       Due in Friday 11th June 2021



In Year 4 we study the religion Islam – Please research this religion and produce a project to share with the class.

In your project these questions, along with any other information you find out, should be answered:

What is Islam?

What do Muslims believe?

What are the five pillars of Islam and what do they represent?

What is the Holy book of Islam – who wrote it – can you write about a passage from this book?

Where do Muslims worship – can you draw or make a model?

What are the main festivals of Islam?

Describe how Muslims celebrate these festivals.