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Eco Club

Welcome to Eco Club


Here you will find all the details about what our ambassadors have been planning for our Eco Warriors to do!

Sacred Heart Eco Ambassadors

Sacred Heart Eco Code...

Our Eco Code agreed by our ambassadors and cascaded to the school!

The Eco Ambassadors regularly meet with Miss Hewlett to decide what the plans are for the Eco Warriors! We also decided on our action plan at the beginning of the year, which we are working our way through to achieve our plans.

Eco Warriors
We designed and planted our vegetable plot from the seeds that Van Hage and Ware in Bloom gave to us. We look forward to watching them grow so that we can eat what we have grown!
We teamed up and created artwork as part of our Eco Waste Day! Year 3 and 6 enjoyed creating posters togehter using items that would normally have been thrown away as rubbish!

Our first mission was to use less energy during Switch off fortnight. The Eco Warriors had to design posters for the taps and light swtiches around school.


Can you spot them as you walk around?


Remember to turn off that switch!

Our second mission was to go on a bug hunt!

The warriors had to find different bugs and then design a habitat for them by researching it on the computer.

We have been making bird feeders for the schoool grounds. We saved and recycled our juice cartons and turned them into bird feeders by covering them with plastic bags to make them waterproof. Then we filled them with bird seed and hung them around the school...see if you can notice them!

 We were very lucky to have Mr Henderson come in to share with us how we can recycle asthma inhalers. He showed us what happens to them and how we can recycle them.

We were very intregued as we did not know that we can recycle them!


Thank you for sharing this with us Mr Henderson.